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Welcome to My Little Bonheur!

We are very happy that you found your place into our little universe.

Our Story

In the picture you can see me, Melanie Mirabel. I am the founder and designer of My Little Bonheur. Born and raised in Germany, I grew up in a large family in the beautiful city of Duesseldorf.
Early on I loved to travel and stayed in different countries to study and work. Thanks to my many projects in marketing and product development, I discovered my passion for design, handcrafting and creative work.
In 2012, I made my dream of creating a jewellery brand come true and founded My Little Bonheur. Personalized jewellery for families and friends that brings you a little piece of joy into your life - either to cherish loved ones or to buy it for your own special treat. And hence the name 'My Little Bonheur', the French word 'bonheur' stands for joy and luck.

Family love in the heart of the brand

Being a true family girl myself, family love and friendship have become the heart of my brand and are a constant inspiration for all our collections. My own personal happiness lies also in the family, with my French husband, 3 active sons and our Labrador dog Yuni. So, if I'm not making jewellery or accompanying my kids to their many activities, I love to practise a lot of sports myself and travel.

From Duesseldorf to Barcelona and then to Madrid

My Little Bonheur was founded 2012 in Barcelona, however in 2015, I moved with my family to the wonderful and inspiring capital of Spain, Madrid. Yes, the Spanish flair has had an impact on us! :)
In our workshop and office, which is in the heart of the city, we design, assemble and gift wrap your jewellery with lots of love and send it out to the whole world. We receive orders from Germany, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Australia and many other countries, so our jewellery travels out into the big wide world and that makes us incredibly proud.

100% personalized for you

All our orders are prepared in our workshop, one by one, dedicating all the attention and care they deserve.
Our expert in carefree customer service is Lotta who joined our team in 2017. She performs little wonders every day and personally takes care of every order, all inquiries and concerns before and after your orders. And she supports us in all important creative projects. Like Melanie, she is a German girl from Dusseldorf that has also happily become stranded in Madrid. Her cheerful nature and enthusiasm for creating you a wonderful jewellery experience united us to be a great team!

Handcrafted & engraved for you

Your jewellery is handcrafted and hand-engraved with local hand-craftmanship in our jewellery workshop in Madrid. It‘s a truly magical work. And we love this moment when your unique piece of jewellery comes to life.

Every piece of jewellery tells its own personal story

We love this moment, when your engravings make the piece of jewellery unique. There are always beautiful - sometimes also sad - stories behind each engraving, different moments of life whether it's the birth of a new baby, the wedding of a best friend, Mothers‘s Day, a baptism or other beautiful moments celebrating a loved one. That makes our work so special for us.

For you with love

We love to take care of each detail packing your jewellery as a gift, so that it arrives safe and beautiful in your hands. White and turquoise form our world of colors. With the my little bonheur's high quality gift box you can choose a free mini gift card out of a selection that we have designed for you to add a personal message into the gift box.

Beautiful gifting moment

We at My Little Bonheur believe in the magic of the gift-giving moment. That‘s why we put all that care and love into our gift-wrapping to make our jewellery ready to gift to your loved ones or just as a wonderful treat for yourself.