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Mother daughter love - stay connected
By October 17, 2017 0 Comment

Mother daughter love - stay connected

Here in Madrid it doesn’t feel like fall yet, but in some parts of the world fall (or autumn) has arrived and shows itself in the shiny brown conkers on the ground and colorful leaves on the trees.

The arrival of fall also means that our children have settled back into school, or maybe even just started their first month of kindergarten or childcare. Some have even gone off to college or university. After a long summer of spending quality family time together, the school and work routine is upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay and feel connected.

The mother daughter bracelets from my little bonheur are the perfect reminder that our children are always with us, and we are with them. A beautiful personalized piece of jewelry can provide the reassurance of our family’s love and motivate us as we go about our day.

Whether it is a name, initial, a slogan or a symbol, you can engrave your personal connection on our bracelets. So for the times when your baby girl is away from you, present her a reminder of your special love. You can find the complete collection here. 

As fall also brings golden but cold autumn days, we know that winter and Christmas time are not far away. Our Christmas blog will bring you ideas to surprise your loved ones with a special personalized gift. Stay connected!

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