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How to Clean Jewelry: Top Tips for the Best Jewelry Care
By April 19, 2018 0 Comment

How to Clean Jewelry: Top Tips for the Best Jewelry Care

One thing to remember: It is absolutely normal that jewelry looses its shine and might fade in color after some time due to the natural oxidation of the precious metals. But that can be avoided by treating it carefully, and in case your jewelry does fade, we are here to share with you our best tips on how to clean jewelry to prolong the life of your beloved pieces, so you can enjoy them for a many years to come:

Our Quick and Simple Household Tips for Jewelry Care

1. Remove your jewelry when you shower, swim or do sports. Chlorine, acids and sweat can cause chemical reactions and can lead to a change in the surface of your jewelry.

2. Same with perfume and creams. Their ingredients such as Alcohol harms the jewelry. If you apply perfumes and creams, wait until they are well absorbed and then put on your jewelry afterwards.

3. If you are not wearing your jewelry, it’s better store it in an air-tight bag or wrap it in aluminum foil, which both protects the jewelry from oxidation, it’s like magic! That way even long storage is not a problem. So make sure you don’t hang your jewelry on a stand for a long time without any protection.

How to Clean Jewelry Properly

Our Tips for your Sterling Silver Jewelry
At my little bonheur we use only high quality materials. Your silver jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver (the number on the charm for example indicates that it is 100% sterling silver).

Sterling Silver may loose its shine and fade after some time, but Sterling Silver can always be brought back to high shine, because it is made of 100% silver. With these easy tricks your jewelry will look like new again:

1. Soapy Water
If you do not have specific cleaning liquid for Sterling Silver the easiest way to clean your jewellery ist take some warm water and add a drop of dish washer or mild soap. Dip the jewellery into the soapy water for some minutes, then rinse it well with clear water and dry it well with the a soft polishing cloth or soft paper towel..

2. Baking Powder or Bicarbonate of Soda
A magic trick when it comes to the cleaning of silver is conventional baking soda or bicarbonate of soda powder. Simply stir a thick paste with a little water and wipe it with a damp sponge on your jewel. After rubbing the paste a little - and very carefully - you should rinse it off with clear water and hey presto, it looks like new.

Our Tips for your Gold Plated Jewelry
Our jewelry at my little bonheur is in gold and rose gold and is made of 925 sterling silver as its base and coated with a gold or rose gold alloy. This alloy is more sensitive than sterling silver and therefore requires special care. So since there is a layer of gold over the silver, we recommend not to use solutions that are specifically made for sterling silver or to use hard cleaning brushes or rough polishing cloths to avoid scratches. However, you may use a very soft toothbrush to reach the more intricate parts of the jewelry, i.e. to clean the jewelry chain with its tiny links. All this has to be done very carefully in order not to rub off the gold layer.

In case you have any further questions or you do not manage to make your jewelry look nice and shiny again, please do not hesitate to send us an email at welcome@mylittlebonheur.com.

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