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SUMMER VIBES - Our new Collection by Madeleine Schön
By July 05, 2018 0 Comment

SUMMER VIBES - Our new Collection by Madeleine Schön

For this summer we have designed together with Madeleine Schön a beautiful summer collection as a special edition SUMMER VIBES. Madeleine Schön is a Youtube and Instagram Blogger, her videos are all about beauty, fashion and make-up. On her channels you can see all the beautiful things that surround her every day, like a small illustrated diary. She loves to inspire people and aims to have a good time with her followers and friends.

Madeleine loves delicate and contemporay jewelry, that is eye-catching and stylish. And because of her unique style we at my little bonheur are so excited to have won such a special brand ambassador for Madeleine this summer. We have designed our collection SUMMER VIBES mixing classic and modern pieces in delicate style that can be combined with any piece of clothing, sporty or chic at any occasion.

compass necklace

Madeleine selected the compass necklace as her favorite piece of our Special Edition SUMMER VIBES and named it MY JOURNEY. For her the compass stands for the path that you choose to take in your life. It gives you orientation when needed and helps you to find your direction. And for her it also symbolizes our origin and should remind us to trust ourselves: to go our own way and to be brave... and sometimes to take a different path then planned or expected! 

initial disc necklace

To this necklace we have combined the initial disc necklace, in its center disc Madeleine has engraved the Celtic symbol for family and love and framed that with the initials of her parents on the dics left and right. Thus, it carries her loved ones close to the heart-

The flamingo charm stands for creativity in Madeleine's collection and reminds Madeleine of her motto: Creativity takes Courage.

eyeglass chain

Colorful and stylish sunglasses belong to Madeleine's trademark. Therefore, Madeleine loves the eyeglass chains which are absolutly great eye-catcher.

Ankle Braclet

Madeleine loves jewelry and has never enough of it. From head to toe wearing jewelry - of course, anklet bracelets may not be missing in her collection. They make beautiful additions to your summer outfit.

Engraved Bracelet Cuff

The skinny personalized cuff bracelet perfect addition to carry your beloved ones with you, engraved with your personal message bracelet.

Circle Geometric Earrings

Madeleine without earrings? Madeleine is a big fan of earrings so we added some favorite new pieces for her into the collection.

Layering Choker Necklace

Madeleine's perfect summer look is completed by this choker necklace. The transparent stones remember of shimmering water drops in the sunlight.

Handcrafted with Love

Every single piece of her jewelry will be packed with love in her favorite colors and we will add a beautiful greeting card into your gift box that Madeleine has designed and signed herself.

We are very excited about our new collection and very excited to collaborate with Madeleine Schön and hope you will like these wonderfull pieces as much as we do! We hope Summer Vibes shows that jewelery with personal symbolic power will give you a lot of fun this summer and maybe with these beautiful pieces we can be one of your summer highlights this year.

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